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Founder's Story

Growing up in Northern Michigan meant we were always outside.  Rain, sun, snow – it didn’t matter, we were out there.  Having 4 seasons, beautiful water and fresh air spawned and fueled my passion for land and the greater outdoors at an early age.

One day, at the ripe-old age of 22, I decided to buy a one-way plane ticket to Phoenix, Arizona.  I had no clue what to expect but I was alive and excited about what the future held.  I ended up spending over ten years in Phoenix, attending Arizona State University, exploring the west coast and forever seeking to “find myself”.

After several jobs in several different industries, I took a leap…A big one.  Most millionaires made their money in real estate, might as well give that a shot, right?  So, I did.  Here’s the crazy part - I started my business before ever doing a real estate transaction.  Most people would call that insane.  Trust me, it was.  But I work best getting thrown into the fire; it forces you to commit or fail, and I didn’t want to fail, I couldn’t.  So, what does somebody in a new industry with zero experience do to get started?  Education and action.  That’s the recipe.

I studied all day and all night, hungry and eager to learn as much as I needed to be dangerous, but not wanting to stay in that lane for long as I knew I had to take action to start making money.  After months and months of building out the backend of my business, marketing like crazy, late nights and early mornings, I finally got my first property.  All it takes is one deal to change your life - it was enough for me to realize the work I was doing, all the hours I put in, was worth it.

Now, over 2 years into the business, having completed dozens of transactions, my goal is to help as many people in and out of land as possible.  I say in and out because there’s always two sides to a coin…We want to provide amazing service, be rockstar land buyers for sellers and the go-to spot for people looking to buy amazing acreage.

It would be an honor to help you in or out of your land journey.


Nolan Miracle


The Property Miracle

The Property Miracle, LLC is a private real estate investment company that specializes in all things vacant land.

We buy and sell land.  Plain and simple.

Amazing service, convenience and trustworthiness are the bedrock of our business.  
For some people, their visions never got realized with their land and so they become sick of paying property taxes on something they don't use anymore.  Other folks can't wait to buy acreage for recreational purposes, to build their dream home on or to simply hold for investment purposes.  In either scenario, we'd love to help.
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